Humans have adorned themselves with jewelry since time immemorial. Today, jewelry has evolved into fine art and exceptional creativity. It is worn not just for decorative and utilitarian purposes, but also to transmit the healing energy of gemstones. Healing stones can be set in pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Jewelry can work on your intuition, your emotional body, your feeling center, your sexual energy.
Natural Wonders offers a unique selection of jewelry for any purpose. You can enhance your natural beauty, and at the same time radiate love and friendliness with our collection. Our friendly staff, jewelry experts all, can help you decide what best suits your needs.


Featured Designers

Anna King

 Known for its variety of semi-precious stones and carvings from around the world, as well as unusual items such as Russian hand painting porcelain, glass, crystal, and other catalyst items. Each piece is selected by hand, ensuring a perfect fit for each jewelry design. All designs are sterling silver.

Spiny Oyster

Necklace & Earrings set in Silver $925.00 signed

Turquoise W/2 Onyx Bears

Pendant signed $ 149.50 #0764, Turquoise necklace $32.00 #2005, Turquoise Earrings $ 76.00 #5574

Large Turquoise Bear

Pendant signed $269.00 #0766, 2 Strand Turquoise necklace $42.00 #4024

Carving from Spiny Oyster

Pendant Signed $272.00 #5014

Komala U. Rohde

Komala is a jewelry artist, teacher and meditator from Sedona in Arizona.Her international career encompasses  2 decades of teaching energy work and energy reading to students in Europe, Japan as well as in the United States.
Sitting at the workbench and creating jewelry is a meditation to her and she loves to bring silence and light to her creations.
Komala is certified  both as Metal Clay artist and teacher. She loves working with both silver and base metals like Bronze. Her mostly contemporary design style is influenced by Japanese traditions like Wabi Sabi and Mokume Gane as well as her European heritage.



Varicite, Rose Bronze Necklace $ 225.00 #6546


Bronze, Copper Pendant w/Steel Hoop Necklace

"Colors of Joy"

Bronze, Copper, Steel, Brass $ 245.00 #6545

"River Rocks"

Steel, Rose Bronze Necklace $285.00 #6542

Elena Zena's Exclusive Design

Each piece is cast in sterling silver with gemstones throughout. Very reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era, the great romantic renaissance.

Agate Druzy, Opal, Blue Topaz

Pendant $ 325.00 #3929

Chalcedony, Pearl, & Gemstones through out

Pendant $ 320.00 #3928, Pearl Necklace $ 32.00 #4993

Pyrite Druzy & Gemstones

Pendant $165.00 #3928

Designer Jewelry fom Mikela

Each piece is hand-crafted in sterling silver, set with precious and semi-precious gems.

Tiffany & Amethyst Druzy

Pendant $ 255.00 #4928, Tiffany, Amethyst, Mystic Quartz Bracelet $ 680.00 #0757

Large Titanium Druzy & Mystic Topaz

Pendant $480.00 #2599, 2 Stand Necklace $ 59.00 #2600

Angel Druzy, Fresh water Pearl, Shell

Pendant $ 225.00 #0748, Angel Druzy Bracelet $268.00 #3949

Amethyst & Titanium Druzy

Pendant $ 320.00 SOLD, Amethyst Bracelet $ 174.00 #4471

Very affordable Navajo jewelry by our local designers

The Navajo are recognized as outstanding and expert jewelry makers, most commonly with turquoise and coral designs. Originally the Navajo made jewelry for themselves. When the railroads reached the Southwest U.S. in the late 19th century, the tribes began making jewelry to sell to American settlers at trading posts like Sedona.

Turquoise & Shell

Navajo Necklaces $ 89.00 each #6573

Turquoise & Shell

Navajo Necklaces $ 89.00 each #6573

Turquoise, Shell, Coral, & Gemstone

Navajo Necklaces $ 89.00 each #6573

Turquoise & Shell

Navajo Necklace $ 89.00 #6573