Natural Wonders in Sedona at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village


Visiting our wonderful shop you will see beautiful treasures of the earth from around the world, including Ancient Fossils, Exotic Butterflies, Precious Gems & Minerals and an array of unique and special gifts for everyone.

We are located in the beautiful Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village upstairs from the “De la Campanas”patio near the Bell Tower by the creek. Downstairs on the patio you will see a 70 million year old T-Rex replica skull with its formidable teeth still intact, positioned strategically near the stairs leading to the second floor shops where you will find us, Natural Wonders an amazing and intriguing store.

The shop is part museum, part gallery and there is plenty to fascinate and engage kids, who especially love the meteorites.
The oldest obj
ect in the store is a newly discovered 23 mineral Amethyst that dates back 1.2 billion years. This has become a metaphysically sought after stone, dubbed “auralite” in the New Age community.

Spectacular samples that have been unearthed from the physical world explode in all shapes and sizes, shimmering with briliant colors and textures. Museum-quality crystals beautifully handcrafted jewelry and wall art pieces are all part of the discovery experience within our brightly lit shop.